CUTE User-friendly Text Editor


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  • runs on unix/linux
  • portable to win32 and Mac OS X as CUTE is based on QT
  • extensible with python
  • supports projects, which can have several configurations(commands, environment vars) and files
  • command box for shell and vi-like CUTE commands
  • syntax highlighting for C/C++, C#, java, javascript, python, HTML, shell and more
  • multi document interface (tabbed or childframe view)
  • supports ctags (jumps to definition of marked tag and back)
  • can shows tag stack
  • search and replace with regular expressions (scintilla)
  • text folding (scintilla)
  • auto completion (scintilla) from document and tags file
  • bookmarks, which are stored in sessions and projects
  • unlimited undo/redo (scintilla)
  • key macros (definition, saving and loading)
  • integrates with external commands such as make and view output
  • full screen mode
  • can save sessions (files, cursor positions, bookmarks and woking dir are stored)
  • supports some themes
  • integrated file browser
  • shell window

Heiko Köhler revised 06/05/04